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For all features and updates, refer to the specification and changelog.

Model validation

Models are checked for continuity, dimensions, and geometric entities.

Material database

Manage your material prices in one place with the necessary parameters.

Fixed and variable price

Each evaluation contains a preparation price plus a price per amount.

Price algorithm

The final price reflects the model size, amount of sparks, and total cut length.

Frontend and API

Integrate API or embed a complete form directly to your website.

Live previews

Get a thumbnail preview of each evaluated model.


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The costs of estimating models by experts dropped to zero.

How it works

Check out How it works

The calculator works as simple server-to-server communication.

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    Your client uploads a DXF model to your website form.

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    Your website sends an API request with the file.

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    Our server returns dimensions and prices for individual materials.

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    Your website shows the current price and other details as intended.

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    Optionally, add discounts, extra charges, and other features.

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    Optionally, add shipping, online payment, and anything else you need.


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25¢ per model evaluation.

$0 / month

No usage no bills.

  • Simple models
  • 10 free estimates
  • Up to 10 materials
  • Custom template
  • Model previews


10¢ per model evaluation.

$19.99 / month

billed annually or $22.99 quarterly.

  • Advanced models
  • 200 free estimates
  • Up to 40 materials
  • Custom template
  • Model previews


per model evaluation.

$49.99 / month

billed annually or $55.99 quarterly.

  • Complex models
  • 1,000 free estimates
  • Up to 100 materials
  • Custom template
  • Model previews

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